Roseanna Cleveland

Roseanna Cleveland

2018 Dedication Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Nominator Comments:

Roseanna’s unwavering commitment to “The Take Action Society” goes
above and beyond what is expected of a Chair of an organization. Not
only is she the Chair, CEO, TA Leader, Program Coordinator, Youth Care
Leader, Hub Coordinator, Garden Coordinator, Community Advocate, etc.,
she is also a participant of the SAC, the “Youth bringing Unity for
Community” Committee, the Dartmouth North Association (DNA), the DNA
Education Committee, as well as the “Between the Bridges” project. The
scope of this initiative has been extensive and has required the
creation of various working committees. Due to Roseanna’s
determination, participation, and strength she has been a huge asset
in assisting in focusing on policy change and challenges identified by
residents to improve conditions for children, youth and their
families. Roseanna is also a participating member of the “Between the
Bridges” Residents Round Table, Student Success Alignment Team, as
well as the Strategic Round Table; and has participated in the UW
Poverty Solutions Project. Roseanna has brought many residents
together in order to create “The Take Action Society” Outdoor
Classroom and Community Garden, located behind Harbour View Elementary
School, as well as the Northbrook Community Orchard, and is currently
in the stages of expanding the community garden into the Lahey Rd.
area, as well as collaborating the construction of a year-round 
greenhouse. With the support of many; friends and families could go
and have fun while staying active during the winter as they skated on
the Community Ice Rink. She has brought over 300 residents together to
create the “Home is where the HeART is” Mural located at the entrance
of Harbour View School, as well as the “Do the Right Thing” community
theme project. With the Tidal Impact Group partnership, a “Kindness
Rock Garden” was created to help build self-esteem and to encourage
random acts of kindness. Due to the many barriers to students meeting
the educational outcomes, Roseanna along with multiple other
organizations and service providers created “The Food for Youth Task
Force” to provide the students and residents with access, knowledge
and tools to tackle food security issues faced in our community.
Roseanna continues to support and encourage environmental leadership
here in Dartmouth North by organizing and leading community cleanups 
for the past 10 years. And on top of all of that, she has found the
time to assist in the expansion of the “Take Action” Group into the
Demetreous Lane Community Center. Roseanna thrives on providing
opportunities for the residents to become more involved; and inspires
and encourages residents to obtain the necessary knowledge, skills,
and tools in order to break the vicious cycle of poverty.

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