Roxanne Auger

Roxanne Auger

2024 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

NSTAY Outreach Worker

YWCA Halifax

Nominator Comments:

Roxanne embodies dedication and excellence in every aspect of her work, consistently going above and beyond to support and empower their clients. Roxanne was supporting a youth over the past year that was heavily entrenched in human trafficking and struggling with substance use. Roxanne was non-judgmental and open with the client and able to meet them where they were in their journey every step of the way. When the client indicated she was ready to leave her perpetrator Roxanne planned immediately to help facilitate getting her away and rehoused safely and showed up to support the move personally. Roxanne is prepared to show up as a fierce advocate and empathetic support for each of her clients, always following their pace and working towards their self-identified goals. Roxanne demonstrated profound advocacy skills by fearlessly speaking out for systemic change to facilitate the best interest of her clients.

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