Rupi Sahota

Rupi Sahota

2016 Innovation Award - Lower Mainland

Legal Advocate

Sources Community Resources Society

Nominator Comments:

Rupi has worked as a legal advocate with Sources Community Resources Society’s Family Law Program for 11 years. Rupi is passionate about working with women who are experiencing violence in the South Asian community. Being of South Asian descent, she is keenly aware of the barriers and challenges that South Asian women face in accessing law courts and leaving violent relationships, and is able to work more closely with those women and help them be safe. When the issue of violence against South Asian women was at the forefront in 2010, Rupi took on a leadership role, working to dispel stereotypes and develop practical solutions and educational tools to change the understanding and conversation. The field of family law and legal advocacy is incredibly challenging and for Rupi to be doing work in this field for over ten years and still having the passion and desire to help people is admirable. She still has all the energy she had on day one of starting this job.

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