Saida Gazie

Saida Gazie

2020 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Newcomers Program Coordinator

Veith House

Nominator Comments:

At Veith House, Saida works creates and runs programs for individuals and families who are new to Halifax Regional Municipality, tirelessly providing a wide range of support and advocacy for Newcomers, both diligently at work and selflessly in her spare time. She is their champion! She helps people navigate the complex requirements of residency and citizenship processes, apply for family assistance and other programs, find safe and inexpensive places to live, identify employment opportunities, benefit from educational programs, translate important documents into Arabic, and help people find a sense of community and build skills through her groups and gatherings for families and people of all ages. Her goal both at work and in life is to help newcomers find their place in in the community, using her own experience as an immigrant as well as constantly learning, networking and collecting new information about how to improve her advice and do even more. She is a leader in the Community, trusted and depended upon.

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