Samantha Cook

Samantha Cook

2023 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Nominator Comments:

Samantha gives her time freely with excellent communication skills an compassion for helping people in our community. She undertakes many roles from delivery to seniors of food orders to every day tasks of organization of the food bank with zero help. Samantha cares deeply and goes above an beyond to help others and to help make our food bank successful by securing donations shopping organizing keeping records and coming up with helpful programs that serve our community she works tirelessly in improving our service she takes time to listen to people an treats everyone with care Samantha has provided a friendly ear to listen she takes time for each person to treat them with dignity an respect Our food bank is fairly new but she has been a critical part of our expanding and improvements by doing independent research and development into services that help us help others. She puts the needs of others first an without her our food bank would not be the productive safe fun place it is everyone who comes to our food bank or many events love her interactions with them.

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