Sara Wheler

Sara Wheler

2018 Dedication Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

YWCA Halifax

Nominator Comments:

Nominator Comments:

What did it mean for you to win the award?

I have been so honored to receive the Bhayana award. I have been working in this field for almost 10 years and working for non-profit organizations has been so rewarding for me but the recognition of the work done by my team and myself is so valuable.

What impact has this award had on you personally?

The award has reaffirmed for me the opportunity to be innovative, flexible and client centered in my work in ways that are supported by working for an organization that’s policies and mandate reflect an inclusive model.

Do you have a compelling story that you would like to share on how the Bhayana Awards have made an impact?

Winning the award has been a recognition of the commitment and belief I have in the work that I and my organization are doing. It allowed the other people in my life such as family and friends who see how hard I work to understand it bigger capacity. It was so nice to see that not only the clients I work with that are successful are recognized but that the work I have done to support those clients are also being recognized by my family, co-workers and peers. I have a sense of honor and pride that I was chosen and nominated for this award.

Aside from the awards ceremony organized by United Way, did your agency separately recognize or celebrate the winning of the award?

I received many kind words and congratulations from my entire team and those who we support. It was heartwarming.

Do you have any suggestions on how to improve the awards for next year?

If I could make a suggestion for next year I think it may be empowering and inspiring to hear from the recipients themselves either directly or indirectly about why or how they have come to do the work they do.

Has participating in the process had an impact on your organization (morale ect)?

Winning the award has shown staff that hard work is recognized. Although this is not the reason to do the work we do, it is still so very much appreciated.

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