Sarah Rosenfeld

Sarah Rosenfeld

2023 Innovative Leadership Award - Calgary

Associate Director of Counselling Initiatives

Calgary Counselling Centre (CCC)

Nominator Comments:

Sarah is the leader of the counsellor training programs at CCC and has exemplified innovative leadership through the development and implementation of a hybrid onboarding and orientation platform for CCC students. Her innovative approach demonstrates her commitment to optimizing the learning experience for both students and staff. By introducing this platform, Sarah has made it possible for students to benefit from a flexible, online learning experience, combined with invaluable in person practice.

The hybrid model challenges traditional assumptions about learning and training. It demonstrates Sarah’s willingness to take calculated risks to pursue continuous improvement. Sarah has been actively embracing technology as an integral part of the learning process. She is addressing issues of accessibility and inclusivity by opening doors for a more diverse range of learners, challenging the status quo that often-hindered access to counselling education.

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