Shashi Parth

Shashi Parth

2022 Dedication Award - Greater Toronto

Punjabi community health services

Nominator Comments:

For over six years Shashi has worked hard as part of the Langar on Wheels (LOW) Program at Punjabi Community Health Services to deliver fresh cooked culturally appropriate meals to isolated and frail senior clients without interruption throughout the pandemic. Shashi’s dedication to the program and to her clients supported families that are struggling to survive and cannot provide all that their parents need or some seniors who may not any family close by.

Shashi went beyond the call of duty during pandemic knowing the seniors are relying on the program for their everyday meal, not hesitating to provide in person services, following public health guidelines. Starting her days very early in the morning to oversee the food cooking process and then help with packing the food, Shahi delivers meals to about 44 clients everyday, providing culturally appropriate good food for older community members.  Shashi’s dedication and commitment is positively impacting the overall physical and mental well being of the seniors. She ensures that the seniors are socially engage through evening programs, connects them with internal and external resources as needed and continues to support the seniors to learn the use of technology to benefit from virtual programs and to learn technical skills to use internet, promoting independence and healthy aging and keep themselves engaged with the community, their friends and family.

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