Shelley Nicholas

Shelley Nicholas

2013 Dedication Award - Toronto


Nominator Comments:

Since 2006, Shelley has worked as the Administrative Assistant for two Assertive Community Treatment Teams (ACT) at the Canadian Mental Health Association Toronto Branch (CMHA). While the two ACT Teams have more than 200 clients, Shelley takes her time to get to know every single client. To her, all clients are valued and respected. She is the resource person to go to by clinicians for all types of community and agency information. She provides motivation and encouragement to clients to come out and participate, while ensuring them that she is going to be there with them every step of the way. Shelley promotes the culture of resiliency at CMHA and is a great promoter of inclusion. For Shelley community integration and recovery from mental health illness go hand in hand.

To quote her nominators: “For anyone who knows Shelley or has worked with her, it does not come as a surprise that besides her numerous regular duties at her position, she has also been acting as a change agent, mentor, leader, champion, coach, worker, clinician and much more with many different communities, including CMHA.”

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