South Hospice Hub

South Hospice Hub

2013 Community-Building Award - Toronto

South Hospice Hub, Circle of Care, Jewish Family and Child, Hazel Burns Hospice and Better Living Halth & Community Services

Nominator Comments:

The South Hospice Hub is comprised of four participating agencies Circle of Care, Jewish Family and Child,Hazel Burns Hospice and Better Living Health and Community Services. The four hospices have created a partnership that supports clients and family caregivers through what can be a difficult and confusing process. They have coordinated volunteer training; hospice recruitment and marketing; bereavement support; client referrals and volunteer workshops. The Hub has simplified the system for both caregivers and volunteers including the seamless referral of clients regardless of catchment area. The Hub has been successful in maximizing resources and increasing efficiency by integrating their services that improves client access and provides greater consistency in service delivery. For example, by holding joint training sessions, the Hub is able to reduce expenses, and offer training more frequently to interested volunteers, thus making them available more quickly to clients.

To quote their nominators: “The partnership promotes and celebrates diversity and recognizes that targeted cultural, religious and spiritual expertise to assess and support clients at the end-of-life is critical. Clients benefit not only from working with professionals and volunteers who respect difference, their skill sets also allow clients’ needs to be recognised and promoted.”

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