Srna Stambuk

Srna Stambuk

2009 Leadership Award - Toronto

Skills for Change

Nominator Comments:

In her role as Newcomer Professionals at Work (NPW) Coordinator at Skills for Change, Srna Stambuk is an expert in building strong relationships and a true asset to the agency. Srna is able to foster successful relationships within the team. She values open and honest communication, giving each team member equal opportunity – considering their opinions with equal weight. Srna is sensitive to the needs of her clients and is extremely dedicated to client services.

To quote her nominators: “Srna is genuinely interested in how you are doing and always finds the time to ask if you are okay. There is a real sense of her dedication to client service. Srna is always looking for solutions and ways to support those who need her. We have gone through many staff transitions within our small team in the past year and Srna has been the glue that has held us together through it all – she consistently goes above and beyond our expectations.

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