Staff Kitchen Team

Staff Kitchen Team

2009 Team Achievement Award - Toronto

FoodShare Toronto

Nominator Comments:

The kitchen staff at FoodShare Toronto have the important responsibility to feed their staff members, volunteers, and customers with healthy nutritious meals every day. Sybil, Jesus and Alvin are said to be the heart of FoodShare, they ensure that a warm and healthy meal is available for all whether they are vegan or have food sensitivities. They never want anyone to feel left out from enjoying a good hearty meal.

To quote their nominators: “At lunchtime, FoodShare’s staff, volunteers, partners and guests gather to share such a rare and wonderful synergistic opportunity. Not only are these meals delicious and nutritious but they nourish and inspire with the joy that Sybil, Jesus and Alvin put into making them. They put every ounce of their passion into their efforts at FoodShare striving always to embody our mission and vision and they make it real. They truly are inspirational!”

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