UW – Bold Play #2

2014 M-B Award - Greater Toronto

Technical Team

Michael Fuhrmann, Linda Brennan, Quinton Coish, Ryan Doyle, Lorne Schneider & Philip Mansfield

Nominator Comments:

The Bold Play #2 Technical Team, comprised of staff from United Way Greater Toronto’s marketing and IT departments, helped create a world-class individual experience with mobile capability to fulfil United Way Worldwide’s (UWW) strategic goal. The team overcame a steep learning curve and demonstrated excellence in creative development and collaboration with other United Ways and UWW. The initiative resulted in a new tech platform, with Bold Play #2 providing recommendations and solving problems along the way.

Bold Play #2 Technical Team’s Michael Fuhrmann(second from left) and Linda Brennan(second from right) with Marketing colleagues l-r Rodrigo Barreda, Adrienne Clarke and Craig Konyu

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