Sureya Ibrahim

Sureya Ibrahim

2019 Leadership Award - Greater Toronto

Community Relations Specialist

The Centre for Community Learning & Development

Nominator Comments:

Sureya is a graduate of the Immigrant Women Integration Program and currently works as Supervisor of Community Connections – but most people in Regent Park know her as the “Mayor”.

She is widely recognized as a community leader, serving on the boards of directors for local charities and community groups. Sureya cofounded Regent Park Mothers for Peace, a support circle that helps mothers who have lost children to gun violence grieve, plan funerals and receive continuing support and counselling afterwards. In less than a few years, they have grown considerably and expanded as an anti-violence advocacy group with even broader goals.

Sureya has not only attracted other like-minded women to join the group as participants, but she has converted them to impassioned activists. These women have worked enthusiastically and tirelessly for change, organizing, speaking out and even independently hosting events, all inspired by Sureya’s example.

Sureya also founded the Regent Park Catering Collective, heads up the Regent Park Sewing Studio social enterprise, and participates in the Regent Park Revitalization Project as a community member-at- large.

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