Tanisha Sri Bhaggiyadatta

Tanisha Sri Bhaggiyadatta

2017 Partnership Award - Greater Toronto

Immigrant and Refugee Program Coordinator

Springtide Resources

Nominator Comments:

Tanisha drew on her five years of experience at Springtide Resources, an agency that creates programs aimed at ending violence against women and children, to make the innovative “Beyond Borders” project a reality. Created in partnership with Central Neighbourhood House, Beyond Borders brought 11 peer leaders, representing four cultural-linguistic groups, from three high-rise, Tower neighbourhoods — Moss Park, Regent Park and St. James Town — together. Their goal was to learn how to raise awareness about gender-based violence in these communities and facilitate the creation of resources, including posters and videos, that would resonate with their audiences. This highly collaborative initiative helped lay the groundwork for future collaborations between Springtide Resources and Central Neighbourhood House.

To quote her nominators: “Tanisha has had an incredible impact on so many people’s lives. As part of this project she’s helped create friendships and mutual understanding across different linguistic and cultural groups. Tanisha was instrumental in facilitating this magic!”

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