The Dovercourt Team

2008 Team Achievement Award - Toronto

The Dovercourt Boys & Girls Club

Nominator Comments:

Amazingly, this team has been working together for over 25 years! These three individuals always put the needs of the kids of the community ahead of their own. They work as a team in the knowledge that by working together they can have a greater impact on the community. Over the years they have been able to help hundreds of kids, and also helped the community get through in tough times. This is how they work so well together: Matteo is the organizer and the one with a vision, Mannie is the soft-talker and the go-to person, while Tony looks at the big picture, with a logical point of view.

To quote their nominators, “Everyday we hear that when kids are surrounded by good role models they receive the greatest benefit. Matteo, Mannie and Tony are the perfect example of the types of role models we want our kids to be surrounded by. Whether it’s seeking advice, a shoulder to cry on, or telling a joke, these three individuals are always present for the kids. The kind of dedication that they bring serves as an example not only to agency staff, but to the greater community.”

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