The Facilitation Team

The Facilitation Team

2022 Partnership, Collaboration & Connection Award - Alberta


Nominator Comments:

InceptionU is a Calgary non-profit designed to help people become future fit by acquiring the confidence, mindset, and skills needed for our rapidly changing digital economy. The Facilitation Team at InceptionU works hard to use their personal connections to reach learners and build a community where Calgarians grow in their careers! They partner with Calgary Public Library, Platform Calgary, and are the Education Partner at Thin Air Labs. The team contributes to Community Now Magazine and the Leaders and Innovators podcast. They also work with Joy to Job to educate high school seniors, support Mindfuel, in providing financial assistance to learners who don’t qualify for government funding, and they delivered the Essential Skills series for the Women in Tech initiative through Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) in collaboration with 321 Growth Academy.

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