The S.P.O.T. Team

The S.P.O.T. Team

2013 Team Achievement Award - Toronto

The Success Power Opportunity Teamwork

Nominator Comments:

The S.P.O.T. team has equipped the Malvern community with a fully functioning state of the art facility offering art and technology programming to youth and grassroots community organizations. This is something that the community has never had before and it has been very useful. Each team member understood that they had to work cooperatively and in a coordinated manner to respond effectively and provide relevant programming for youth. During the first 60 days of opening the centre,it required ongoing communication among staff as well as flexible and creative thinking to address issues as they arose.

They have worked tirelessly to meet the needs in the community and feedback from youth has indicated that the SPOT has been beneficial to their growth. This very small team built a youth-led space in an underserved neighbourhood. They achieved this huge feat in the last year, opening its doors to a huge, highly successful launch, and since then the stream of youth traffic has not stopped flowing.

To quote their nominators: “This amount of success only speaks volumes of the incredible amount of hard work and selfless teamwork that this team has poured into bettering a United Way neighbourhood and the City of Toronto in general.”

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