Tri-County Women’s Centre

Tri-County Women’s Centre

2020 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Nominator Comments:

TCWC is involved in inter-agency/community work  throughout the Tri-Counties, with all issues that effect, women, children and youth from housing & poverty, to gender-based violence, drug & alcohol use, education and childcare, and health concerns. The provide valuable support and resources to some of our areas most vulnerable and under-served individuals.

The TCWC is available by phone, email, social media as well as providing in-person support. They endeavor to ensure that their services are available to everyone. Their staff have gone directly to clients, met them in public spaces, offered public transportation at no cost, and provided gas cards to their clients to allow them to access programs, services, or support. The TCWC runs in multiple locations to allow support for individuals throughout our area.

The TCWC provides significant contributions to the area by: 
– Advocating for affordable & supportive housing
– Engaging youth as peer educations & community leaders on illicit drug use prevention.
– Advocating for specialized sexual assault services.
– Building a sustainable, healthy, accessible & local food system.
– Addressing women’s poverty & economic security.
– Identifying necessary changes to the legal system to reflect women’s reality.
– Sexualized Violence Intervention Services Project
– Specialized counselling services for those who have been subjected to sexualized violence.
(Includes therapeutic counselling, support, advocacy & information for victims and survivors of sexualized violence.

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