UW – Spark Core Team

UW – Spark Core Team

2013 M-B Award - Toronto

Alica Hall, Caralyn Cipin, Kathryn Minns, Liz Marshall, Jordan Gotfried, Susan Schafron, Rhomil Baylon, Ilona Sampson, Philip Mansfield

Nominator Comments:

The core team worked tirelessly for more than two years to lead the design and implementation of SPARK which is United Way Toronto’s newly implemented internal constituent database software. Through this project, the team developed new business processes, provided their subject matter expertise, engaged their departments in design sessions, took their team through literally hundreds of test cases, led change management efforts and provided leadership during training. SPARK touches every department and the core team worked cross organizationally at all levels and departments to ensure an inclusive approach. They are champions, ambassadors and change agents who conceptualized new ways of working and helped us embrace new systems and processes to ensure it would meet UWT’s current and future needs.

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