UW – The Hubs Monitoring Team

UW – The Hubs Monitoring Team

2014 M-B Award - Greater Toronto

Team members: Roxana Salehi, Mihaela Dinca-Panaitescu, Tereza Coutinho, Litsa Chatzibasile

Nominator Comments:

The Hubs Monitoring Project was conducted to (1) review and update the hubs monitoring framework, tools and approach, (2) build capacity internally for managing and using the monitoring reports and data, and (3) build the capacity and buy-in of hub leads, anchor agencies and other hub-based agencies to support better data collection and use of the data by all.

All four members of the team demonstrated excellence in this project. It started out as a simple review project and could have been handled in a very different way. Instead, when the need for deeper work and engagement was identified, the team quickly embraced this opportunity. Roxana and Mihaela led the design of the project. The design went beyond expectations. It was robust, consultative with meaningful and genuine engagement opportunities, particularly for our hubs leads and anchor agencies.

Tereza and Litsa as key players on the internal team, assisted with all of the logistical and administrative supports, the receiving, sorting and initial assessing of the new monitoring reports and supporting Roxana and Mihaela in the delivery of the hub-based capacity building training and feedback sessions. The whole team worked hard and experimented with the best way to improve the efficiency of our internal systems which has created a level of buy-in from hubs leads and anchor agencies that previously did not exist. In the end, hubs can better understand how we use the data, what value our work adds to their work, and how they can use the data themselves to review and improve their delivery systems and other service improvements.

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