UW – Web Redesign Team

UW – Web Redesign Team

2014 M-B Award - Greater Toronto

Team members: Rodrigo Barreda, Linda Brennan, Adrienne Clarke, Michael Fuhrmann, Karolina Hordowick, Craig Konyu

Nominator Comments:

Each team member brought their knowledge and expertise to the table to design a site, based on research and best practices that would meet the needs of our key constituents and showcase the value of United Way for everyone in our community.

It was a considerable task to shift all of our understandings of what the website could be, and how we could reimagine it to ensure success. Timelines for the project were exceedingly tight and turnarounds were quick: External research was undertaken, volunteers engageed and focus groups had to be assembled; new web design skills had to be learned to enable a fully optimized and mobile site, a content strategy had to be built, something altogether new for the organization; the writing and building of the site was an enormous task with very little margin for error; communication with staff and senior executives as the site evolved was also crucial.

The team looked for ways to innovate and fearlessly dove into the process. Each team member demonstrated their commitment to excellence in producing the best product possible and approached any challenges with optimism and enthusiasm.

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