Valerie Manuel

Valerie Manuel

2024 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Case Manager

YMCA, Middle Musquodoboit

Nominator Comments:

She continues to provide technical support and insight into best practices for Employment Support. Seeing Val interact with her clients, members of the public and colleagues is truly inspiring. She is inclusive and non-judgmental, creating a welcoming and safe space to help connect folks in the community. Val makes her tiny office seem spacious with her generous and inclusive nature. Visitors to the YMCA NS Works office are given the opportunity to use office resources to job search, surf the web, connect to Wi-Fi, print/copy/fax. Val brings extra touch to these with her vast wealth of information on community and system resources. People rely on her as a person to go to when you have a question. If she can help, she will try and help you find the next best step. YMCA NS Works is passionate about community development, and how that looks different in every area. Val remains responsive to local issues, and helps folks navigate when change happens and/or opportunity arises. She champions inclusion, wellness, and diversity and works with community partners to further these offerings both to her clients and for the community at large. Val is responsive to the needs of her coworkers and is supportive to the team. So lucky to have her as a colleague!

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