Vaughn McLeod

Vaughn McLeod

2024 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Parker Street Food Bank, Halifax

Nominator Comments:

Sir Vaughn is a stalwart on Parker Street. His wealth of knowledge and the number of people who say thank you to him has grown over the years. His works are admired and appreciated as he has assisted many families with newly refurbished furniture, food and clothing supplies. Vaughn is our resident furniture repair and carpentry expert; he is equipped with all the skills of a mechanic, tradesman, and masonry, and his ability to solve problems is exceptional. He meets people in the community and shows the care Parker Street talks about when we aim to give back to the community. Exceptional service is at his core. Every task is done with care – whether serving food or delivering furniture or making an amazing piece of furniture new again, He takes pride in his work and epitomizes the mandate of Parker Street. The community and our team are grateful to call him a coworker who gives exceptional service to clients, members, and those served.

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