Wanda Hill

Wanda Hill

2020 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Facilities Manager

YWCA Halifax

Nominator Comments:

While much has changed during her three decades at the YWCA, one thing has remained the same: Wanda’s dedication to the success of the YWCA in whatever role she has held. 

As Facilities Manager, Wanda is responsible for multiple YWCA properties, including 3 buildings, 55 residential units, a childcare centre, and 3 office locations. It would be easy to nominate her for simply serving an organization for 30 years. But Wanda’s work is the very embodiment of the unsung hero: she is in the background, often on call round the clock when water heaters burst or when doors are busted in. Wanda’s belief in the YWCA means program staff and participants can get on with the business of their work. Her passion for the YWCA is so infectious, contractors often end up donating to the YWCA what they would otherwise have charged thousands of dollars.

Not too many years ago, Wanda suffered a serious injury at home. A compound fracture of her left leg, she underwent many months of surgeries and treatment. All throughout this time, Wanda never left the YWCA team. She would join team social events by phone, work with her temporary fill in, and even answer emails from her bed as she convalesced. Her gradual return to work took many months. Wanda persisted and is back in full force. When asked about the hardest parts of her injury, she would say, Missing the YWCA. She couldn’t wait to get back. And we couldn’t wait to have her!

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