Yared Belayneh

Yared Belayneh

2020 M-B Award - Calgary

Nominator Comments:

2020 M-B AWARD – Calgary

Yared is a compassionate leader who strives to understand the person he is speaking to before understanding the project at hand. He always demonstrates patience when explaining complex topics and encourages questions. Over the last year, I have worked with him on a few different projects where he has demonstrated his expertise but also his vulnerabilities, which positively impacted both the team and project at hand. He provides valuable feedback that improves the outcome of projects. He isn’t afraid to say “I don’t know” or defer to others when he’s unfamiliar with a topic. He is encouraging and complimentary, thoughtful and honest. His courage to speak out about difficult truths has helped this organization move forward, especially in our work with diversity and inclusion, or how we approach the mental health space in Calgary. Yared challenges people to think differently and to check their biases at the door. Because of this, the projects he is a part of are more thought out and better executed. All of this results in projects/outcomes that are well-developed and create a positive impact in our organization, our United Way family, and the community. Yared is a fantastic community and relationship builder, and Calgary is all the better for it.

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