YOUnited Intranet Project Team (9)

YOUnited Intranet Project Team (9)

2020 M-B Award - Greater Toronto

Nominator Comments:

Team Members: Amanda Stephens, Elena Kroupa, Ena D’Altroy, Ashley Durk, Chris Walsh, Rhomil Baylon, Sidhra Yakub, Katelyn Field, Mia Holmgren.

This cross-functional project team brought to life an intranet solution that blended new technology and functionality with simple, accessible content and great graphics. The reimagining required vision, creativity and dedication. The team showed how departments can integrate internally and align in how we approach our work in order to create meaningful experiences,  greater impact and engagement in our community The intranet is now a key pillar in our internal communications and organizational culture work. The tool supports our work as an organization by providing invaluable mechanisms to communicate with, share information and resources, and keep informed and connected.

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