Youth and Community Outreach Team

Youth and Community Outreach Team

2009 Team Achievement Award - Toronto

East Scarborough Boys' and Girls' Club

Nominator Comments:

The Youth and Community Outreach team at the Boys’ and Girls’ Club of East Scarborough embodies strong qualities of commitment, loyalty, understanding, and most of all love of self, each other and the community. The team works with youth from 12-29 years of age and their families to help provide different services such as counselling, employment and housing.

To quote their nominators: “The Boys’ and Girls’ Club is proud to have employees that go above and beyond their duty to assure the best quality care for their members. The team used innovative out-of-the-box thinking and methods to achieve the desired goals. Team work, co-operation, communication, creativity, and taking initiative are some of the attributes that are usually displayed by our team.”

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