YWCA Elm Centre Team

YWCA Elm Centre Team

2011 Team Achievement Award - Toronto

YWCA Toronto

Nominator Comments:

The YWCA Elm Centre team’s work has resulted in creating 300 units of affordable housing; 100 units of the housing are supportive units, 50 units are for aboriginal families and 150 units are affordable. Given the dire lack of affordable and supportive housing in Toronto, the team’s efforts have made a significant contribution to the well-being of aboriginal women, women living with mental health challenges and low-income women and their families. Of course, increasing the affordable housing stock in Toronto improves the social and economic well-being of the city. The team’s efforts have resulted in raising nearly $15-million of philanthropic gifts towards the building of the YWCA Elm Centre. Moreover, the team’s efforts resulted in a mortgage from Infrastructure Ontario’s Loan Program in the amount of $25-million. This mortgage represents Infrastructure Ontario’s first loan to a social service organization, paving the way for other organizations within the sector to engage Infrastructure Ontario. The team’s efforts have also resulted in the creation of an innovative approach to providing housing. Using a trauma-informed model and creating a ‘mixed’ community, the team’s efforts have resulted in a more robust service that is expected to enrich clients’ lives, increase their housing security, improve their health and provide greater opportunity to be part of a community. The team has been relentless in championing their cause.

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