Samuel R. Balcom Centre Association

Samuel R. Balcom Centre Association

2024 Invisible Champion Award - Nova Scotia/Halifax

Andrew Barkhouse and Team, Port Dufferin

Nominator Comments:

Samuel R Balcom has established a community comfort Centre for residents of the Port Dufferin area (within the last two years). They are working to establish a list of vulnerable residents who may need help in an emergency. As a result, residents feel safer in times of crisis. The Association also fields requests from individuals and families when they have specific needs (for example, fundraisers for medical expenses, support for school initiatives). The SR Balcom Recreation Centre is welcoming and open to all and generates a positive atmosphere that strives to be all-inclusive for everyone. Events are designed to celebrate cross-generational events since our community is primarily aging, and we recognize that young people have much to learn from their elders. Our events celebrate those of all gender identities and socioeconomic backgrounds. We strive to make events low or no cost to the community., SR Balcom Centre Association volunteer leadership has worked with suggestions from HRM Recreation/Community Developers for suggestions on best practices and incorporated those that work for the organization. They constantly evaluate by soliciting feedback from event participants.

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