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Thank you to National Post's Canadian Family Office for spotlighting our Advocacy for a Nonprofit Day of Appreciation.

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Driven by ideals, passion and values, you’ll find these champions on the frontline of every community in Canada

Millions of Canadians seek them out when they cannot manage alone anymore. These champions address real issues in people’s lives, innovating, supporting and standing with them through profound change. They empower and advocate for their clients, providing value beyond money.

We are speaking, of course, about the professionals who work in Canada’s not-for-profit and charitable sectors. The Bhayana Family Foundation is committed to recognizing their incredible impact.

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Canadians work in the charitable and non-profit sector.*

The sector contributes 8.5% of Canada’s GDP
That’s more than the auto, mining, retail, transportation, accommodation and food services industries.*

The non-profit workforce is more highly educated than the rest of the labour force.**


Why do we need a Nonprofit Day of Appreciation in Canada?

Frontline Champions are the employees who help people through some of the direst of circumstances to create experiences that spark joy and happiness. There are 2.4 million people who work in Canada’s nonprofit sector. Most, if not all of us, know someone who has benefited from their work.

It’s time for a Nonprofit Day of Appreciation!

To learn more about the Case for a Day of Recognition, please download the PDF here.

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Our Foundation in partnership with United Ways has awarded close to 1600 Award Recipients across Canada. Many Awardees have asked about creating an Alumni Network. Why? To facilitate networking, sharing professional practices/models of service, creating new collaborations etc. The Foundation would be pleased to facilitate this networking. Please complete details outlined below:

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The Bhayana Family Foundation, in partnership with United Ways across Canada, award these heroes for their exceptional…

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